Great Yeast Infection Tips That Will Make Life Easier

A yeast infection is not something people like to talk about. A lot of women will not admit they have to deal with yeast infections and some people even hesitate getting help from their doctors. If you do not know much about yeast infections, read on to discover all that you will need to know on the subject.

If you don’t want to have problems with a yeast infection, be certain to dry your body as much as you can after you have showered. Excess moisture is a leading instigator of yeast growth and subsequent infections. If there isn’t moisture or water for the bacteria to thrive in, you aren’t going to have many yeast infections.

Always buy panties made of cotton. Silk underwear may be more attractive, but it can cause serious problems. The cotton allows your vagina to breathe. This can totally prevent a yeast infection.

TIP! When our bodies sweat, they promote warm pockets of moisture in various parts of our body. Moist, wet environments encourage yeast growth.

Do not use douche bags. While you might think you’re cleaning yourself, your body knows how to naturally stay balanced. When you disrupt the natural environment, it makes infections more likely. The only thing needed is cleaning with a gentle fragrance free soap and lots of water.

Contain Sugar

Acidophillis is highly beneficial. It is a live culture that can be found in yogurt and will slow the growth of yeast infections. If you are using live culture yogurt to treat a yeast infection, be sure to purchase the kind that does not contain sugar. Sugar feeds yeast, so consuming live-culture yogurts that contain sugar would be counterproductive.

TIP! If you are prone to regularly getting yeast inspections, you might want to consider the bath products you use. You should not use cleansers and soap which contain dyes and scents.

Eat yogurt and garlic. Garlic can be effective at preventing or retarding yeast infections. You should be able to find odorless garlic pills in your pharmacy or health center. Add 2 cups of live culture, sugar free yogurt to your diet every day to help cure or prevent a yeast infection.

Yeast infections are easy to treat if you have the right information. These infections are quite common, but the right information can help protect you from them. Use this information to bypass the discomfort and know you are ready for the next terrible yeast infection.