Reliable Tips For Preventing And Treating Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are something that women have had to deal with for a very long time. You have the power in your hands to stop recurring yeast infections by acquiring comprehensive knowledge on this subject. The following article gives you helpful information you can use.

After you exercise and perspire a lot, be sure to change into dry clothes. This can help you reduce the moisture on your body, which can prevent yeast infections.

In order to reduce your chances of developing yeast infections, you should avoid stress as much as you can. Stress hampers how well the immune system works and that can make it less effective at dealing with infections during your day to day life.

TIP! Stress is one of the things that you need to avoid as much as possible to prevent yeast infections in your body. Stress hampers your immune system, and that is a huge factor in your body fighting off yeast infections on its own.

Seeking medical treatment as soon as you develop symptoms can really help your yeast infection. You really do not want to delay and allow it to get worse.

Be sure to wear cotton panties. The silkier kinds of underwear may feel nice and look sexy, but eventually they will cause the opposite. Buy cotton underwear that will let your vagina breathe. This can prevent yeast infections from happening in the first place.

Avoid anything scented near the genital area. Soaps that are scented, as well as other sprays might irritate your vagina and make yeast grow. It is especially important not to use scented tampons or pads as they come in the closest contact and can be especially irritating. Also, stay away from colored toilet papers that have dyes in them.

TIP! Cotton underwear are your best selection. The silkier your underwear is, the more cause for concern in the future.

Scented Products

If you are prone to develop yeast infections, avoid perfumed bath products and soaps. These scented products can help yeast flourish and increase the chances of getting an infection. It is important to avoid scented products in the vaginal area including tampons or sanitary napkins.

Try eating yogurt and garlic to help with your yeast infection. Garlic can help in the retardation or prevention of yeast infections. Non-odorous garlic pills can be purchased at most drug stores. Add 2 cups of live culture, sugar free yogurt to your diet every day to help cure or prevent a yeast infection.

TIP! Acidophilis is great for yeast infections. They can help reduce or thwart yeast infections altogether.

A great way to kill bacteria in your body is with the use of tea tree oil. Mix in a bit of sweet almond oil, then apply it to the vagina directly. Avoid applying tea tree oil without mixing it with something else, as it can burn and cause discomfort. The mix of tea tree oil and almond oil will help you restore a natural balance in your vagina and help fight the infection.

Most women have experienced the discomfort and pain of a yeast infection. There are many ways to treat and prevent yeast infections that can give you relief. Use the tips you just read to solve your problem.